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Fashion meme [21 Nov 2008|03:33pm]

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HEY LADIES - please vote tomorrow [03 Nov 2008|04:06pm]

A Message for all women

This is the story of our Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers; they lived only 90 years ago.

Remember, it was not until 1920 that women were granted the right to go to the polls and vote.

The women were innocent and defenseless, but they were jailed
nonetheless for picketing the White House, carrying signs asking
for the vote.

(Lucy Burns)
And by the end of the night, they were barely alive. Forty prison guards wielding clubs and their warden's blessing went on a rampage against the 33 women wrongly convicted of
obstructing sidewalk traffic. They beat Lucy Burns, chained her hands to the cell bars above
her head and left her hanging for the night, bleeding and gasping for air.

(Dora Lewis)

They hurled Dora Lewis into a dark cell, smashed her head against an iron bed and knocked her out cold. Her cellmate, Alice Cosu, thought Lewis was dead and suffered a heart attack.
Additional affidavits describe the guards grabbing, dragging, beating, choking, slamming, pinching, twisting and kicking the women.

Thus unfolded the 'Night of Terror' on Nov. 15, 1917, when the warden at the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia ordered his guards to teach a lesson to the suffragists imprisoned there because they dared to picket Woodrow Wilson's White House for the right to vote.

For weeks, the women's only water came from an open pail. Their food--all of it colorless slop--was infested with worms.

(Alice Paul)

When one of the leaders, Alice Paul, embarked on a hunger strike, they tied her to a chair, forced a tube down her throat and poured liquid into her until she vomited. She was tortured like this for weeks until word was smuggled out to the press.

So, refresh my memory. Some women won't vote this year because--why, exactly? We have carpool duties? We have to get to work? Our vote doesn't matter? It's raining?

Woodrow Wilson and his cronies tried to persuade a psychiatrist to declare Alice Paul insane so that she could be permanently institutionalized. The doctor refused. Alice Paul was strong,
he said, and brave. That didn't make her crazy.

The doctor admonished the men: 'Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.

Please, if you are so inclined, pass this on to all the women you know.

We need to get out and vote and use this right that was fought hard for by these very courageous women. Whether you vote democratic, republican or independent party - remember to vote.

History is being made.

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hrm...interesting [17 Jun 2008|09:37am]

Supposedly they are good for working your leg muscles while you walk. Not sure about those gladiator ones, though. Takes more balls than I have to wear them.

I bought a pair, because I'm easily swayed by the thought of easy exercise. I'll let you know what I think about them when I've had a chance to check them out.
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AHAHA [13 Jun 2008|02:59pm]

oh go no. but i thought it would be funny

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ugh babies [03 Mar 2008|03:03pm]

I just can't seem to care about babies. I don't want them now. Should I freeze my eggs?
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Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo with Seasilk [03 May 2007|01:25pm]

I was itching to try Aterna's Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo w/Seasilk (long name). The texture is extremely thick & creamy so I assumed it would be super conditioning. It lathered really well and coated my hair, plus the scent is amazing - a lemony, citrus scent. As I washed it out it left my hair surprisingly dry, and I had to apply extra conditioner becuase the shampoo just didn't do much besides cleanse. This is what all shampoos ultimately do - (cleanse), but I was expecting a little more due to Alterna's reputation for having 'luxury' hair products + (the price). I was a little disappointed it didn't deliver the conditioning aspect I was expecting, but overall the best things about this shampoo are the texture and scent.

I think I'll give Alterna another try. My next product to test will be Alterna's Luxury White Truffle Luxury Conditioner (what's up with the long names?)

P.S. I have some samples of Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum... if you're interested in testing out the product and leaving me a review, please reply by commenting.
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Cheap Dye & Pro Treatment [20 Apr 2007|11:21am]

So, my hair color is washing out and I am totally convinced that it is the cheap dye I used - Loreal Excellence. I'm probably going to dye it again next week. I hate the 'faded' look. Can anyone recommend a good dye that will last a longer than drugstore brands? I was thinking Wella or Marijel.

A couple of friends volunteered to try the Pro Treatment. I've only done it a few times - and once on myself, but it's fairly easy as long as someone's doing it for you. I had the worst time ironing the back of my hair when I did it alone. Anyway, I'm glad that 1 friend has thick, wavy, frizzy hair, because I think he'll be really pleased with the results. The other friend has even frizzier hair, so I will take pictures and post the results hopefully by next week.

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Are you a woman involved in technology? [19 Apr 2007|04:03pm]

Found this organization that looks interesting...I don't plan to join immediately but probably will in the future.
Women in Technology International
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Wella Color Preserve Repairing Shampoo [17 Apr 2007|02:45pm]

I finally got over Joico's Color Endurance and moved on. It was hard, but I think I chose a good replacement for its spectacular predecesor. I'd like to introduce you to Wella Color Preserve Repairing Shampoo. I didn't buy the conditioner, because I'm still trying Yuko's Phiten Bella Treament, which makes a great duo together.

Before I decided to try the shampoo I didn't even realize Wella had an entire hair care line. I had only heard of their amazing hair dyes. The shampoo is incredibly moisturizing and thick in texture. It's definitely conditioning, but if your hair is dry like mine, you'll still need a conditioner. For more oily types I'd suggest skipping the conditioner and using a light leave-in treatment before styling. If your hair is super thin, you might want to try a less heavy version of this shampoo. There is Wella Color Hydrating, Wella Color Smoothing, Wella Color Volumizing.

Regarding lasting color - I'm not sure yet. I colored my hair last week and it's still pretty vibrant and shiny. Besides the dryness from the dye, the shampoo is doing a fantastic job.

Wella Color Preserve Repairing Shampoo 12 oz retails for $14.04 and the 33 oz is $27.00.

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article in Boston Globe magazine [20 Feb 2007|02:13pm]

Article about educated women (Bachelor's degree or higher) and their marriage/children/divorce/happiness in comparison to un-educated women.

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a moment of silence for Beque... [15 Nov 2005|04:25pm]

For those of you that are familiar with and/or attended our night :PERVERSION: at Liquid Sky in Worcester:


The hostess of our former night PERVERSION was Lady Beque. You may have seen her on all of our flyers that we handed out, and some of you might know her as the club owner's wife, or that chick that walked around naked whipping people... and many of you know her as a friend.

I saw her every week and we all had a lot of good times at Liquid Sky. Although I didn't know her very well, seeing her every week, I got to know her enough that this news is very tragic to me, and I can't imagine how her close friends and relatives must feel. It was apparent that she meant a lot to those who knew her best, especially her husband/owner of Liquid Sky: Art Souza.

My sympathy goes out to Art and their family. She was very young, and this is very unfortunate...

Art, I'm very sorry for your loss. My sympathy go out to you and your family.

Beque, none of us really knew what you were really going through. I can't imagine how difficult life must have been for you. I hope wherever you are you are strong and free of your troubles. Rest in peace.

Art Souza has made a more detailed post on MySpace.com that you can view here:

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rock [03 May 2005|01:55pm]


Which Rock Chick Are You?
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ten most powerful women [07 Mar 2005|11:18am]

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[25 Feb 2005|03:04pm]

hey girls!

i have a question about cramps and medication.

i used to take aleve 'cause it would work wonders on my cramps. only problem is i would have to take 2 every few hours, which is higher than the recommended dosage. with the concerns earlier this month (last month?) about it's possible side effects, i'm trying to find a better, safer way to medicate.

my cramps get really bad. like, curled up in a ball on my bed for 4 hours bad. i took some midol this morning when i woke up, but it didn't seem to do much other than dull the pain a bit.

i have to dance at the club tonight and trying to do so while doubled over will probably prove difficult.

what do you use?
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[17 Feb 2004|12:17pm]

This is in regards to Liquid Sky's Perversion Fetish Night in
Worcester, MA. You may have heard that Liquid Sky was going to be closing. Many of you have expressed a desire to keep "Perversion" Thursdays going so that we can have a BDSM place to hang out and play in the Worcester area.

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If you have any ideas or suggestions we gladly welcome them.
Also - those who are interested in doing a fetish demo let us know.

email me directly at ana_matronik@yahoo.com
or contact us through our website:

for the fetish/BDSM inquiries, contact MiladyMerlot@aol.com
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so yah, how about a fun humpday quiz? [11 Feb 2004|09:31am]

[ mood | bored ]

1) are you a virgin?

if yes - what are you waiting for? are you sexually active?
if no - when did you lose it? do you wish you waited?

2) what's your favorite animal -
for a pet?
in the wild?

3) How did you start listening to the type of music you listen to?

4) would you get plastic surgery if money wasn't an issue?
what would you get?

5) What's your favorite city -
to live in?
to visit?

I'm bored, I'll answer in a minute.

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[06 Feb 2004|03:00pm]

This is so hardcore, I just couldn't resist.

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THREE BIZZNITCHES, ONE DJ BOOF [27 Jan 2004|04:40pm]

It's true! Come out on Thursday, January 29th, and F%*KIN' SUPPORT your local Female DJ's!
PERVERSION @ Liquid Sky will have special guest DJ Punketta (Manray, Ceremony-Boston) taking over the DJ Booth along with resident DJ's Ana Matronik and Dymentia!
We promise-- you will drink, you will dance, and you will discover all the unspeakable things that go on in our NEW Dungeon Room hosted by the lovely Mistress Merlot.

There is a little something for everyone, and plenty of dancefloor space for you to bust a move!

If you haven't checked out Liquid Sky yet, then come by this Thursday and party with us! It's a wonderful opportunity to meet some great people, too!

We are roughly 45 minutes from Boston, Providence, and North Hampton... so no excuses! ;)

Liquid Sky
144 Commercial St.
Worcester, MA
(right behind the Worcester Centrum!)

for more info about the venue/DJ's--visit these links:
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I was referred by sirendipity to post this question here: [27 Jan 2004|02:00pm]
I am trying to get my bangs white. I bleached them but they turned a redish/blonde. Anyone know what I need to do?

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[25 Jan 2004|09:58pm]

whaz the deal w/ this club yo?
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