Ana Matronik (evilyoungflesh) wrote in girlgang,
Ana Matronik

a moment of silence for Beque...

For those of you that are familiar with and/or attended our night :PERVERSION: at Liquid Sky in Worcester:


The hostess of our former night PERVERSION was Lady Beque. You may have seen her on all of our flyers that we handed out, and some of you might know her as the club owner's wife, or that chick that walked around naked whipping people... and many of you know her as a friend.

I saw her every week and we all had a lot of good times at Liquid Sky. Although I didn't know her very well, seeing her every week, I got to know her enough that this news is very tragic to me, and I can't imagine how her close friends and relatives must feel. It was apparent that she meant a lot to those who knew her best, especially her husband/owner of Liquid Sky: Art Souza.

My sympathy goes out to Art and their family. She was very young, and this is very unfortunate...

Art, I'm very sorry for your loss. My sympathy go out to you and your family.

Beque, none of us really knew what you were really going through. I can't imagine how difficult life must have been for you. I hope wherever you are you are strong and free of your troubles. Rest in peace.

Art Souza has made a more detailed post on that you can view here:
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