HairRescue (hairrescue) wrote in girlgang,

Cheap Dye & Pro Treatment

So, my hair color is washing out and I am totally convinced that it is the cheap dye I used - Loreal Excellence. I'm probably going to dye it again next week. I hate the 'faded' look. Can anyone recommend a good dye that will last a longer than drugstore brands? I was thinking Wella or Marijel.

A couple of friends volunteered to try the Pro Treatment. I've only done it a few times - and once on myself, but it's fairly easy as long as someone's doing it for you. I had the worst time ironing the back of my hair when I did it alone. Anyway, I'm glad that 1 friend has thick, wavy, frizzy hair, because I think he'll be really pleased with the results. The other friend has even frizzier hair, so I will take pictures and post the results hopefully by next week.

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