Ana Matronik (evilyoungflesh) wrote in girlgang,
Ana Matronik

This is in regards to Liquid Sky's Perversion Fetish Night in
Worcester, MA. You may have heard that Liquid Sky was going to be closing. Many of you have expressed a desire to keep "Perversion" Thursdays going so that we can have a BDSM place to hang out and play in the Worcester area.

Others have expressed interest in the musical aspect of the club. We (Ana Matronik and Dymentia) play the latest club tracks the minute we get our hands on them, and we also play things that some other clubs wouldn't DARE to play, because we don't believe in the "standard Top 40 playlist". We feel that if you are going to pay $5 to come to our venue, you shouldn't have to feel like you're listening to your stereo at home. Why pay $5 when you can hear it at home for free? Sure we mix in some club classics, but we want to play new and obscure things, not only out of support for the artists themselves, but because we want you to know what's out there.

In order to keep the club open - we would like to ask for your help. Because
the unwritten rule in BDSM/Dungeon Rooms is to not play while intoxicated, by nature - the crowd that we do have coming to the club arent big drinkers. And having "Perversion" on Thursdays - during the week - makes it difficult for some to come out and play when they have work in the morning. We do get a great crowd -for a weekend fetish night. Yet to be cost effective we need to try and increase the attendance.

The way you can help in supporting the night is by word of mouth. We could
definitely benefit from more of you coming down to play. We dont want to raise
the door cover charge. We arent asking you to drink more either (even though our drinks are SUPER CHEAP and STRONG!!!). But if you could introduce the club to your friends - and try to visit more often, we would be able to stop the club from ultimately closing.

There are too many fetish and/or goth/industrial clubs being closed by the towns - lets not let this one close too!

There are lots of ideas that we have in regards to fetish entertainment and also more live music performances, CD release parties, and special events - but
until the attendance rises a bit, it isnt that cost effective.

If you have any ideas or suggestions we gladly welcome them.
Also - those who are interested in doing a fetish demo let us know.

email me directly at
or contact us through our website:

for the fetish/BDSM inquiries, contact
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