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the apocalypse has begun

secret hot girl's club
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this is where the hot girls are. we hang out in our jammies and have pillow fights and eat ice cream and stay up all night talking about secret girl stuff. if you are joining the community, feel free to post a little introduction!

Some community rules:

1) Please post pics and/or lengthy entries (more than a few sentences) behind a cut.

2) The occasional cross-post from your personal LiveJournal is fine, but use discretion. I want this community to be used for dialogues, not monologues. If people on this list want to read your personal journal, they'll add you.

3) If your posts are too spamlike and annoy me I will restrict your posting access.
accomplishments, art, attitude, being a bitch, being beautiful, being called a bitch, being there, blood, boyfriends, choosing my mate, civil rights, cleaning, coking, color coordination, confidence, crafting, crying, curves, dancing, daughters, defending the weak, different body types, dykes, eating, eating food, energy, equality, ethnicity, family, fashion, feminine power, fingernail polish, food, freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, friendship, fuck being afraid, fuck classism, fuck fear, fuck homophobia, fuck misogyny, fuck racism, fuck silence, fucking hope, fucking with gender roles, getting elected, getting it on, getting married, getting pregnant, getting shit done, getting tested, girl parts, girlfriends, girlgang, girlgangs, girls, goddesses, granddaughters, grandmothers, grrls, hair products, hairstyles, handling myself, hating kids, having a dialouge, having kids, having safe sex, head scratchies, helping each other, holding my own, home, home economics, homosexual marriage, honor, hotties, husbands, innocence of children, justice, keep on keepin on, keeping secrets, killing rapists, kindness to animals, ladies, living life, loud girls, love, loving, loyalty, makeup, midol, mood swings, motherhood, mothers, my body, not being an asshole, not being ashamed, not getting married, not getting pregnant, not giving a fuck, odd ducks, painting my nails, plus-size, power, pride in yourself, protecting, quiet girls, reproductive rights, respect, revolution, rights, saving it for marriage, sex, sisters, staying healthy, strong women, sweat, sweing, taking care of ourselves, tampons, tears, to hell with it, truth, understanding, unity, universal consciousness, whateverthefuck, wierd girls, wives, women, women's rights